Scout and Talullah Willis Share a Naked Bath Together

Sister love is alive and well in the Willis household!
Talullah Willis, 20, recently reunited with big sister Scout Willis, 23, in New York City where Scout lives, and wasted no time in tweeting a picture of the two together.
... Of what appears to be them naked in a bathtub.
"Finally reunited with my woman crush weds /best friend/sister @Scout_Willis," Talullah tweeted.
Scout was also clearly ecstatic to reunite with her younger sis, sharing these pictures of the two sharing a laugh, and one of her affectionately kissing Talullah on the cheek.
But perhaps the Willis sisters' boldness shouldn't surprise you -- Scout went topless in May to protest Instagram's anti-nudity policy, and Talullah stripped down to her bra and undies to talk about her body issues for a StyleLikeU video in August.
Watch the surprising video below: