Beyonce, Jay Z and Blue Ivy Go to Church in Paris-See the Stunning Pics!

In what may just be her most beautiful pictures yet, Beyonce is sharing her family moments in Paris while she and Jay Z were in town filming their On The Run HBO special.
Taking a break from their tour, the entire family visited famous landmarks including the gorgeous Notre Dame cathedral where the family was captured in a quiet moment of spirituality in these snaps that were shared on
In this one, a touching moment is captured with Blue Ivy holding her parents' hands.
The light shines in on Beyonce and Blue Ivy here while Jay Z is solo and looking contemplative.
While they got to enjoy some family time, the couple will be back to work. After their HBO On The Run documentary aired this past weekend, Jay Z and Beyonce are planning to collaborate on a new album.
If you can't get enough of Beyonce's pictures, watch more about the power of Beyonce in the video below.