Keanu Reeves Has Second Home Intruder-This Time It's a Naked Woman

Getty Images
Actor Keanu Reeves' home is getting broken into by women.
Just days after a female intruder was found in Reeves’ library on September 12, ET can confirm a second woman broke into his home, and this one thought clothing was optional.
The Hollywood Division Watch Commander tells ET that the actor was not at home at the time of the incident, but his staff called the police. After the suspect was apprehended, she was taken in for mental evaluation.
According to The Wrap, the intruder was naked. The woman was reportedly using his shower and swimming in his pool. 
In the first incident, Reeves was home and confronted the intruder in his library before calmly calling 911. The woman was also taken to a medical facility for psychiatric evaluation.
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