Dental Technician Sues Charlie Sheen

Photo: Getty Images
There’s an ongoing investigation over what happened when Charlie Sheen went to the dentist on Thursday, September 25.
The Associated Press reports that Margarita Palestino, a dental technician, filed a lawsuit yesterday seeking unspecified damages from the actor. Her lawsuit accuses Sheen of attacking her during the dental appointment, including punching her in the chest and grabbing her bra.
Sheen's publicist Jeff Ballard told the AP, "Sheen knocked over dental instruments." Ballard said Thursday, “But other elements of the woman's story were not true."
Online reports claimed that the 49-year-old was under the influence of cocaine and pulled a knife on the technician.
Ballard spoke to ET and explained that Charlie was taking medication for a shoulder injury at the time of the alleged incident, and he denied that Sheen was using illegal substances.
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