Sarah Silverman Takes on Role of the Late Joan Rivers For 'SNL'

Photo: NBC
Sarah Silverman showed how tragedy can become comedy.
Comedian Sarah Silverman paid tribute to the late Joan Rivers on Saturday Night Live last night by impersonating her in heaven.
It was Silverman's first appearance on the show in 20 years, and she performed stand up in heaven as Rivers. She calls out deceased people including Richard Pryor, Steve Jobs, Benjamin Franklin, Lucille Ball and Freddie Mercury (played by musical guest Adam Levine).
Rivers was famous for her fashion commentary, and at one point, Silverman, as Rivers, asks Ben Franklin, "Ben, where'd ya get that outfit? Forever 1721?"
As Silverman ends her monologue, she reminds us, "Comedy is to make us laugh and to deal with things."
In her final statement about her mother's passing, Joan's daughter Melissa said, "Although this is difficult to do right now, I know her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon."
Did Sarah's impersonation of Joan make you laugh?
Watch the heartfelt look back at Joan Rivers' life in the video below.