Lil Jon Turns Out For What?

Photo: YouTube
Lil Jon is mixing entertainment with politics to get you to vote.
In the latest Rock The Vote campaign video, his hit single "Turn Down For What" gets a new spin that is both inspiring and entertaining.
"Turn Out For What" is Lil Jon's new theme song, and there is no shortage of celeb appearances including Whoopi Goldberg, Lena Dunham, Darren Criss, E.J. Johnson, Sophia Bush and Ireland Baldwin.
In voting booths "from the windows to the walls," for Lil Jon, Girls' Lena Dunham even signs his ballot as she votes with her personal trainer Tracy Anderson, because "that's how we do it in Hollywood."
So what is Hollywood turning out to vote for?
We find out that Criss is turning out for education, Dunham wants reproductive rights as well as Bush who comes in for women's rights, Johnson shows up for marriage equality, Baldwin is looking for global warming awareness and Lil Jon wants the legalization of marijuana.
Midterm elections are November 4.
What will you turn out for?
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