Nick Carter Lets It All Hang Out In a Blue Thong

Photo: Instagram
Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is wearing a blue thong on national television, but why?
In VH1's fourth episode of I Heart Nick Carter, the 34-year-old boy bander admitted he has insecurities about being out of shape. Calling himself a "fatstreet boy," he goes to the doctor to talk about a non-invasive procedure to help him shed the extra pounds.
The outfit he has to wear leaves little to the imagination but also shows off his body.
Do you think he needs a fat-zapping procedure or is this the best he's ever looked? You make the call.
Warning: This is probably as NSFW as Madonna's crotch shot
In the show's promo, Nick promised we'd see a "completely different Nick Carter." So far, it looks like he's fulfilled that tease!
Nicki Minaj is another thong-wearing rap star, but she wasn't always that way. Flashback to the time when she wanted to be a nurse.