Jake Gyllenhaal's Embarrassing Halloween Costumes Make Him Even Cuter

Photo: Team Coco
While all the other boys were proudly wearing their superhereo costumes on Halloween, Jake Gyllenhaal was dressed an Oreo cookie.
The Nightcrawler actor disclosed on Thursday's Conan that he's had his fair share of awkward Halloween getups. Growing up, Gyllenhaal's dad was not a fan of the store-bought costumes and the month of October was devoted to making his kids' outfits.
For some reason with Gyllenhaal's costumes, they usually included white spandex. "One year, I was a cranberry juice box," the 33-year-old actor admitted, adding that neighbors threw candy in the his giant straw while he was trick-or-treating.
Another year, his says his dad dressed him up as an Oreo cookie, and, like the cranberry juice, the actor once again had to wear white spandex.
But his dad's proudest costume for his son had to be when he dressed him up as a house, Gyllenhaal recalled. "It was a house with different scenes in each window, and there were lights that lit up and I wore a f**king backpack battery."
The battery wasn't even the tough part of walking around as a house. "I could only see out of the one window," the actor described. "The chimney was where you put the candy in. I could not hear a thing. I couldn't walk in it, and my dad was so proud of himself."
We're gonna need to see pictures, Jake!
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