Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar Love Each Other and Sing Each Other's Songs to Prove It!

Taylor Swift is having the best week ever! It was just announced that her new album, 1989, sold 1.287 million copies in its first week, making it the largest debut of any American record since 2002’s The Eminem Show.
To celebrate, Taylor shared a video of herself lip-syncing her "go-to" song, "Backseat Freestyle," by Kendrick Lamar. In September, the "Blank Space" songstress praised the song, telling Rolling Stone magazine that she knew every word.

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Turns out, Kendrick is a fan of Taylor's, too. In a new interview with TheFader.com, the rapper praised Swift.
"Shout out to Taylor Swift," he said. "You can't put great music in different genres. I enjoy great music outside of my own music all the time, so I definitely can see where she's coming from when she says that she listens to the record. It's a great thing for her to acknowledge that and put that good energy out into the world like that."
Kendrick even broke out into his own rendition of "Shake it Off."
Watch the video above for more details on Taylor's latest achievements and to see their renditions of each other's songs!
We think Taylor and Kendrick definitely need to collaborate -- perhaps on a remix of one of her new songs. Maybe "I Know Places" or “Wonderland” -- just throwing it out here... What do you think of this idea?! Let @Katie_Krause know on Twitter by sending her a tweet with the #ETnow hashtag!