Stephen Collins Suing Faye Grant For $1 Million In Lost Future Earnings

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The contentious divorce proceedings between former 7th Heaven star Stephen Collins and Faye Grant, his wife of 27 years, are getting uglier.
Collins is now suing Grant for $1 million in lost future earnings, according to court documents. Collins is claiming that Grant leaked a secretly recorded, allegedly incriminating audio tape, to TMZ -- an act which Collins claims has made it impossible for him to find work.
In the tapes, a man – allegedly Collins – can be heard confessing to having had sexual contact with young children in the past. According to Grant, the tapes were clandestinely recorded during the couple's therapy session two years ago.
Grant claims that she handed the tapes to the police in 2012 and had no hand in releasing the audio to TMZ. Collins claims that Grant released the tapes in an orchestrated effort to hurt his career and his case during their divorce trial.
The estranged couple share over $13 million in community property and Grant is reportedly seeking $13,000 per month in alimony.
However, the divorce trial that was supposed to begin Wednesday had to be postponed until January due to Grant's lawyer, Larry Ginsberg, requesting to be removed from her employ and the trial due to a fee dispute.
Ginsberg sited an "irremediable breakdown in the attorney-client relationship" - as well as a failure, on Grant's part, to adhere to their billing agreement – as the reason behind his request for removal, according to court documents.
The lawyer's request was approved, meaning Grant will have to find a new lawyer before the divorce trial proceeds early next year.
Immediately following the release of the tapes, Collins was fired from the production of Ted 2, he resigned from his position on the national board of the Screen Actors Guild, UP TV and TVGuide Network both pulled all reruns of 7th Heaven and scenes Collins shot for the political drama Scandal were cut from the show.

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