This Mother of Four Makes the Cutest, Most Creative Breakfast Art You've Ever Seen

Photo: Instagram
Anne Widya isn’t a chef, she’s an artist. We know that lots of chefs say that, but Anne actually makes works of art. Out of food. The mother of four, who lives in Hong Kong, says, “Sometimes I wake up very early to make breakfast art for my kids.”
And it is truly something to behold. Look at this Snoopy:
That Snoopy is made of cream cheese and strawberries!
Anne seems to prefer doing cats though. Like Hello Kitty:
And Grumpy Cat:
And this regular, adorable cat:
Here’s a toast bear playing sunny side up basketball:
Here’s the cutest croissant crab with a heart of eggs:
And a robot made of sandwich. This is the future:
Beep beep.
It’s not all breakfast art. She also does latte art. With kittens, of course:
And here’s some dessert art. These are little cream puff pugs:
It’s all amazing and adorable and we don’t know how her kids end up eating any of it. Because we would just stare at it forever. Even Anne's most simple breakfasts — the ones that aren't kitties or robots or other famous characters — look just dang delightful.

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