Justin Bieber's Childhood Home for Sale — With Furniture Still Inside!

by Katie Krause 5:42 PM PST, November 18, 2014
Playing Justin Bieber's Childhood Home for Sale — With Furniture Still Inside!

Justin Bieber's grandparents are selling their 3-bedroom home in Stratford, Ontario — the same home that singer practically grew up in.

The house, which is on the market for $248,000, includes Bieber's room preserved as he left it — furniture included. That means the home comes with his Toronto Maple Leafs bedspread and matching wallpaper.

Photo: RE/MAX

"[Bieber] didn't live there full time," RE/MAX realtor Maria Walsh says. "He stayed there. When they moved out, they didn't take their furniture with them. It's the same furniture as when Justin came there."

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This is also the same home where the Biebs shot several of his first YouTube videos that eventually led to his superstar status.

Photo: RE/MAX

"My goal is to sell the house for them — I think it's a great house and a good neighborhood and has some good history behind it which is a bonus for the buyer," Walsh tells ET.

Watch the video above for more details on the house — and to see a young Bieber singing his heart out inside. Aww, the memories.

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