Mindy Kaling Confronts Her Supposed Ex-Boyfriend on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Jimmy Kimmel Live
The Mindy Projectstar Mindy Kaling went on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Nov. 26, and she caused quite a scene.
She talked to Kimmel about her crush on actor Vince Vaughn, her love of pop star Rihanna and that one time she got mistaken for the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. 
But then an interesting scene played out as the 35-year-old spotted her supposed ex-boyfriend Darren in the audience. While it's a staged scene, it's a pretty hilarious moment between two exes as they both try to outdo the other.
Mindy brags about being on The Office, her 4.5 star rating on Amazon for her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me and the fact that she not only stars in but created The Mindy Project.
Her alleged ex is a lawyer with his own firm who went to Ghanna to did missionary work and is going into space. He sounds an awful lot like one big mashup of all of her boyfriends from The Mindy Project! Hmmm...
In an argument about who's doing better, at one point, Mindy even pretends to be with Kimmel.
Ultimately, she "wins" the breakup by saying she's on the cover of Southwest Airlines magazine, just one of her accomplishments and covers!
Watch the video below to see how Shonda Rhimes influences Mindy.
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