Ariana Grande Attacked By Angel Wings

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The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was full of glitz and glamour as models walked the catwalk in sexy lingerie and pop stars sang, but there was one small snafu.
Singer Ariana Grande had a "Problem" that she had to "Break Free" from.
During the show, which filmed Tuesday evening, the 21-year-old walked the London runway with model Elsa Hosk.
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Everything seemed picture perfect until you see Grande ducking for cover from the massive, fluffy pink angel wings.
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Taking the moment in stride, she referenced her song with Jessie J and Nicki Minaj, "Bang Bang," in a tweet afterward.
While this moment is one of the show's funniest, it also appears the pop star may have jinxed herself beforehand. During rehearsals, she said she "almost walked face first into an Angel's wings!"
Ariana has a lot to celebrate as 2014 wraps up. It was announced Wednesday that her My Everything album sold over 1 million copies after just three months.
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