Is This a Picture of Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss Making Out? (Spoiler Alert: No.)

Photo: Instagram
Maybe Taylor Swift is single and loving it (that's what she says — and she would know). Maybe Taylor Swift is dating Matt Healy from the band The 1975 (she’s gone to two of their shows in one month). Maybe she's dating Harry Styles again (they went to a concert together last month).
Or maybe —BIG TWIST — she’s making out with best friend Karlie Kloss!!!
At least that’s what the Internet thinks after these photos show what (kind of? Maybe? We don’t know?) looks like Karlie and Taylor kissing at that same The 1975 concert. KAYLOR LIVES.
The photo is so grainy that it's hard to tell. Here’s a GIF of the moment:
Photo: Twitter
And now it’s actually impossible. What was this shot with, a flip phone?!
For the record, Swift's rep confirmed to ET the rumor is "crap." Not to mention, Karlie actually has a boyfriend, businessman Josh Kushner (which any self-respecting Kaylor fan should already know, since she Instagrams him a lot).
In the end, any time Taylor is pictured with a guy, people think they're dating. Now apparently whenever she’s pictured with a girl, people think they’re dating too. Dang, people think Taylor Swift has SO MUCH time on her hands.
Can't a single girl enjoy her three GRAMMY nominations (Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Pop Solo Performance for "Shake It Off" a.k.a. every category she was eligible) in peace? Three for you, Taylor Swift! You go, Taylor Swift!
Now, watch to find out why Taylor Swift is (almost) kissing Ryan Seacrest: