Elton John Falls Out of a Chair, Gracefully Recovers

It's safe to say this isn't Elton John's finest moment.
Sir Elton, 67, was participating in the Statoil Masters this weekend, a charity tennis match, when he was caught on camera taking a super-awkward spill.
Elton not only tumbled backwards landing on his butt, but also managed to take down the two chairs beside him.
Watch this close-up of the embarrassing moment.
But perhaps even more amusing than Elton's fall is the reporter, who clearly can't decide between laughing or showing her concern for the music legend.
"Oh ... " she says at first, before laughing, and then continuing with a few more "oh's."
To make matters even more embarrassing, the reporter then forces a frazzled Elton to answer questions about the tennis match, and the piano man actually does a decent job offering his commentary.
"I'm not standing, no," Elton quips when she asks him if he's alright.
"Make sure you sit down properly," she concludes.
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