This Guy Captured the Exact Moment He Proposed to His Girlfriend in a Photo Booth

Photo: YouTube
Wouldn’t it be nice to have the exact moment your girlfriend realizes she’s being proposed to captured on camera? This guy figured out a fairly easy way to make that happen — he proposed in a photo booth.
Kevin Morran and Molly McGinnis are high school sweethearts and Kevin decided to pop the question on their anniversary this year. Now, they’re getting married and have some of the cutest (genuine) engagement photos we’ve ever seen.
Photo: YouTube
Did Kevin practice that smooth one-handed ring reveal beforehand? “A pretty decent amount honestly,” he told inquiring minds on Reddit. “Messed it up quite a bit beforehand too, glad it worked out when the pressure was on.”
Photo: YouTube
“I was super nervous! I was doing my best to not show it,” he continued. But all's well that ends well. Seven years after they met, he says, “It is an amazing feeling to finally be engaged after all this time.”
Photo: YouTube
Molly seems to agree. She said yes, by the way, and later tweeted, “OK, it’s been 24 hours so probably safe to assume I am not dreaming and Kevin and I are actually engaged.”
Mazel you two!
As if the pictures weren’t sweet enough, the company that makes that photo booth gave Kevin a code so he could access video of the entire proposal. Watch it below:
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