Soldier Surprises His Family for Christmas and His Mom Has the Best Reaction

Photo: YouTube
This is basically the ultimate viral video of everything you loved watching this year: Part pregnancy announcement, part soldier reuniting with his family, meets any video where someone gets surprised and has a priceless reaction.
Patrick Conwell’s return home from Afghanistan for the holidays coincided with his sister-in-law’s pregnancy, so they masqueraded his surprise visit as a “reveal party” for the baby’s sex.
So grandma goes through a lot of emotions: From giddiness to confusion to VERY, VERY SHOCKED:
And, of course, plenty of mom-on-soldier hugging! Our favorite!
“My dad said he 'suspected something', but I'm 99% sure my mom and sister didn't know,” Patrick explained on Reddit. He might as well bump that up to 100%, you can’t fake that reaction.
Watch the entire video or skip ahead to 1:15 for the surprise:
And check out all of the best Christmas movie lines in one video: