How the Duggars Spent Their Holidays

by Zach Seemayer 11:31 PM PST, December 29, 2015
Photo: Instagram

If you've ever wondered what a holiday is like for those whose families consist of over 20 immediate relatives, the Duggars have an answer: It gets mighty cozy.

The whole family, who star on TLC docu-series 19 Kids and Counting, got together for Christmas and took photos for the world to enjoy.

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Just fitting everyone in the same living room seemed to be a huge challenge.

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It seems like it was even more difficult to make room when they played fun, spoon-based family games. How do you get everyone around one table? How do you even have enough spoons?

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It's gonna be a Christmas feast with the @duggarfam!

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Jill Dillard found time to show off her sizable baby bump, which she sees as a "precious little gift." She even wrapped her "gift" with a festive bow.

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But the fun wasn't over when the holiday came to an end. Three days later the Duggar parents, the Seewalds and the Dillards went on a big "quadruple date" in one giant minivan.

Well, family and togetherness are the reasons for the season. And you don't get much closer than eight people in a van.