'Beauty and the Beast's' Gaston Shames Disney World Tourist in Unbelievable Push-Up Contest

Beauty and the Beast's Gaston is putting his money where is muscles are.
An actor impersonating the classic Disney villain has gone viral (again!) after a tourist visiting Disney World recently challenged him to a push-up contest. Gaston was not only up to the task, he straight-up shamed his opponent.
The fight just isn't fair. Though he seems caught off guard by the request, Gaston outpaces his opponent from the word go and adds his signature flare with a few one-handed push-ups for good measure.
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No word yet on whether "the prize" could, in fact, cook and clean.
The video surfaced just weeks after a little girl publicly humiliated the character, declaring her undying allegiance to The Beast.
"The Beast is gonna beat you," she told Gaston, capping off a lengthy tirade. "He's stronger than you!"
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Well, to be fair, we haven’t seen The Beast do push-ups yet.
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