No One Loves 'Frozen' More Than This Dancing Baby Freaking Out Over 'Let It Go'

If you thought 2015 was going to be Frozen-free, you’re more clueless than Olaf planning a day at the beach. (That’s a Frozen reference, if you didn’t understand. Go watch Frozen. Before the next one comes out.)
Yes, we might all be sick of “Let It Go” — even the director knows you’re sick of it — but how can you not listen to it one more time, or a million more times on loop, when you’ve got a little baby like this absolutely freaking out over it:
“He is fabulous and I love him,” dad Joe Bereta says.
We agree. It doesn’t matter that his reaction is the same every single time:
Every time it’s perfect. Never stop dancing, little baby. Never let it go.
And find out how Idina Menzel’s son uses Frozen to charm the ladies: