Charlie Sheen Apologizes for Slamming Kim Kardashian

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Charlie Sheen is sorry for his mean tweets.
The Anger Management star slammed Kim Kardashian in a series of expletive tweets, since deleted, accusing her of saying no to a 6-year-old fan's request for an autograph.
He wrote that the girl "cries about it every night before she goes to sleep" before he called her butt "gross" and then said, "Your public loves u. Give something back or go f yourself."
Now, he's using Twitter again with the hashtag #ShutUpSheen to apologize for his Kim K rant. In his public apology to the reality star, he writes, "I heard a story that bothered me, wrote some trash you didn't deserve. Ever. I'm an idiot as often as I'm a genius."
Kim has yet to accept his apology or respond to his previous tweets.
Check out the nastiest celebrity feuds in the video below.
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