Jessica Chastain: I Was Told I Wasn't Pretty Enough for Acting

Getty Images
It's hard to believe that anyone could look at Jessica Chastain and say she's "not pretty enough" for a part, but the A Most Violent Year star tells Telegraph magazine that was the case when her acting career began.
"Only in the past five years have people been telling me I'm attractive," Chastain admitted. "Before then, I wasn't getting parts because people kept telling me I wasn't pretty enough."
The 37-year-old actress was even told to get rid of her trademark red hair. "People would tell me to dye my hair blond when I first started auditioning," she said. "Funny how defined we are by how we present ourselves."
Thankfully, Chastain found her own path to success in Hollywood, and now she's a force to be reckoned with. Case in point, check out her moving speech on diversity at the Critics' Choice Awards this past week.