Moms Are Freaking Out About the Blizzard and Sending the Funniest Texts

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As blizzard Juno sweeps over the North East — sparing NYC, while plunging other parts of New England into “Snowmageddon” — another, more frantic storm has descended upon SMS: Moms, who are very worried about their baby in the blizzard.
And everyone knows when moms get worried, they text. Sure, you could be binge-watching Netflix while trapped indoors, or you could be reading these hilarious, emoji-filled weather reports from moms who just want to make sure you’re prepared:
Prepared for absolutely anything, that is:
Other moms want to make sure you know that they’re safe and snug:
And have no plans to put themselves in the blizzard’s path, so why don’t you and your sister take the dog out so she doesn’t have to:
But the biggest mom concern of all is making sure you have enough wine:
You might want to take that advice, cause you’re about to get blizzard burnt:
Meanwhile, dads are DGAF:
Or scheming to make a quick buck. Classic dads. You gotta love 'em.
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And if you’re stuck inside playing games with the family, take some inspiration from Kathryn Hahn and her amazing Beyoncé impression on Celebrity Name Game: