6 Secrets Katy Perry Revealed About Her Super Bowl Halftime Show

Katy Perry is getting ready for her anticipated Super Bowl halftime show, and she teased the exciting performance during a press conference held Thursday morning.
ET’s Kevin Frazier kicked off the proceedings by getting the social media queen to snap a selfie with him.
#6. She Won't Be Deflated
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Controversy surrounding "deflategate" reached a fever pitch earlier this week, but the "Dark Horse" singer assured the media, "Nothing in my performance will be deflated."
#5. She Won't Be Lip Synching (Too Much)
Super Bowl halftime shows are always full of spectacle and excitement, and that usually means that live singing falls by the wayside. But not for Katy! When asked about how much she'll be relying on prerecorded vocals, she revealed, "I think all lot of it will be live.”
#4. She's Bringing a Surprise Guest
The GRAMMY-nominated songstress has been teasing for weeks that her halftime show will have some great guest performers. She already revealed that Lenny Kravitz will be helping out, but she still has a few secrets up her sleeve. She told reporters, "I'm very, very excited for this guest... I wanted to kind of bring someone back, like a throwback of sorts... All I can say is that it will be a real female fun night."
#3. She's Getting Wild
The "Roar" singer is going to make this one crazy night, and she's bringing along some fearsome predators to help out. "I'm probably the only person in Super Bowl halftime history that will ever bring both a lion and sharks to the show,” Katy said.
#2. She's Going to Look Super Hot
Literally. The "Firework" singer hinted that her Super Bowl ensemble won't be one to miss, teasing, "All I'll say about my opening costume is it will be flaming hot." If her past on-stage styles are any indication, this could be one spectacular outfit.
#1. She's Going to Totally Rule
"I think I'm going to play on my strengths, which are humor and incredible joy. I think my songs are anthemic and I just hope at the end of the day 100 million people are all smiling in unison," Katy told the press. "If you can imagine that happening, I think there will be an incredible energy that goes across the world."
There's a reason Katy appears several times in the Guinness Book of World Records – including Most Twitter Followers and First Female Artists with Five No. 1 U.S. Singles From One Album. It's because she knows how to make some seriously spectacular tunes and put on a show. This Super Bowl halftime show is going to rock.