This Adorable Sheep Thinks It's a Dog and It's the Cutest Thing Ever

Mom, can we keep her?!
A YouTube user uploaded this video of their orphaned lamb, Pet, who was brought up with four collies. Apparently, Pet treats Dice, the mother collie, as her own mom and follows her around everywhere.
This video may be particularly helpful if you:
1. Want to smile forever.
2. Don't believe you can be anything you want to be!
3. Want to know what love is.
4. Just need to believe in yourself!
5. Are in a funk.
6. Need a hug.
7. Enjoy overwhelming feelings of joy.
8. Like dogs and sheep.
Thank you, Pet! You are an inspiration to us all!
On the subject of peculiar pets, remember Miley Cyrus' pet pig that made us all super jealous? Watch the video below.