President Obama YOLOs With a Selfie Stick

Thanks, Obama.
In support of, President Obama made a Buzzfeed video revealing what he does when no one is around -- takes selfies, works on his jump shot, and draws pictures of Michelle, apparently! Watch the video below.
The president accomplishes some business in the video, reminding people that the open enrollment period for health coverage ends February 15. But mostly, we get a whole different side of POTUS!
He even practices his emoji face:
And if you've got a problem with it he's got an answer for you:
After all, he's got no more campaigns to run:
This isn't the first time second-term Barack has shown us his fun side. Look at the president's response to a voter telling him not to touch his girlfriend:
ET's own Nischelle Turner was with First Lady Michelle Obama as she crowned the National School Counselor of the Year. Watch the video below!