11 People So Over All this Talk About Chipotle and Calories!

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The New York Times blew everyone's mind when it reported that you might be taking in more Chipotle than you realize. According to their calculations, the average Chipotle order is over 1,000 calories, and many orders contain a full day's worth of sodium.
Being that Chipotle is basically what happens when true love is wrapped up in foil, some people are pretty upset about this whole report. Here's the thing, New York Times....
You shouldn't even quantify the special bond between a person and their Chipotle:
And not to be mean, but like:
What about those of us that make that bowl stretch?!:
And besides like, WE KNOW:
And we don't care:
If you ruin this for us, we swear to God:
You can't stop us!:
Mm you know what sounds good right now?:
Alright, now that that's over with let's get some lunch. What are you guys feeling?:
Okay, let's not get carried away:
But on the real:
Who's got the keys?:
Right, damn, calories, okay let's walk:
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