6 Signs Ed Sheeran Partied Too Hard After the Brit Awards

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It's cool, Ed, we've all been there!
British musician Ed Sheeran won two awards at the Brit Awards last night, for British Album and British Male Solo artist. Obviously having a lot to celebrate, no one can blame him for the night that seemingly ensued.
Here are some reasons too believe the "Thinking Out Loud" singer might have gone a little too West H.A.M. in London after his big night.
1. He won two awards.
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After coming up empty on three Grammy nominations, it makes sense would go all out celebrating his victories on the other side of the pond! Speaking of:
2. He was on home turf.
You have to do it big when you're back in the UK!
3. He got sentimental tweeting his friends.
4. As a matter of fact, he got a little sentimental tweeting everybody.
5. So naturally, word got out.
6. And when he was done, he was DONE!
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We love you, Ed Sheeran! Remember to drink lots of water and take it easy today. You have earned it!
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