Justin Bieber Shamelessly Begs Seth Rogen to Join Comedy Central Roast

Getty Images
Not gonna lie, this is something we'd like to see.
In case you didn't hear, newly 21-year-old Justin Bieber is getting roasted soon, and apparently he really, really, really wants Seth Rogen to be there.
The frequently shirtless singer has been sending Rogen tweets basically begging him to be there.
He's tried calling:
Laying on a little guilt:
Starting a hashtag campaign:
Bieber even tried throwing some jokes at Rogen's highly-controversial movie, The Interview, to try and get him to reply:
Seth Rogen is no stranger to the Comedy Central Roasts, as he was actually the Roastmaster for his buddy James Franco. But Rogen actually likes Franco, whereas for Bieber....
Yeah. Rogen seems to really, deeply dislike Justin Bieber, so we don't know that he'll be taking him up on his offer.
That doesn't mean we can't hope though! #WeWantSeth
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