Sad News, Jared Leto Cut Off His Beautiful Long Hair

It has happened.
We knew this day was coming, but honestly we never could have been prepared -- Jared Leto has cut his hair to play the Joker in the upcoming movie Suicide Squad.
It's true, he cut his hair.
And shaved his beard.
*light leaves life*
We know. We know.
We're still adjusting to the news.
It's a difficult time.
Please give us a minute.
This might not be pretty.
Our hearts are completely broken.
*sigh* Okay, maybe we can move on from this.
Actually, no, we definitely can't.
Give us the hair, Jared.
At least we have the memories.
RIP Jesus hair.

*personal growth, moving on*
Watch Jared Leto bid his long hair farewell below.