Aubrey Plaza Gifted 'Parks & Rec' Co-star Aziz Ansari with Blood and Hair (Sorta)

Aziz Ansari got a goodbye gift from his Parks and Recreation co-star Aubrey Plaza he won't soon forget.
The comedian revealed on Monday's Conan that Plaza gave him a vial of blood and hair with a note that reads: "Aziz, no words can describe how much I care about you but a pack of my blood and a chard of my hair."
While the present is a bit creepy, the sentiment is sweet. "I give you a spell for when we're apart. Put me somewhere safe and always keep me in your heart. Love, Aubrey."
While not every person would appreciate such a gift, Aziz found it "beautiful."
But that's not the end of the story.
"So, cut to this weekend and I saw her," the comedian begins. "Somehow this gift came up and my girlfriend was like, 'Well Aubrey, that's not really your blood, right?' And she was like, 'No!'"
Turns out it's just some "f**king jelly or something," and it's not even her hair! "So, what is this thing? You just gave me trash?" he exclaims. "This is just trash in a bottle."
Clearly upset, he adds, "I've been keeping it in my heart, Conan. For nothing!"