12 Places North West Has Been That You Can Probably Never Go

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Something dawned on us today. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter North West has been to a lot of places. Many of those places the rest of us can simply never go. There's no shade intended with that observation, it's just something that is.
Here's 12 places the world's most well traveled toddler has gone that the rest of us will probably never go! Oh, and she's not even 2-years-old yet, so keep that in mind!
1. Fashion Week shows:

In New York and Paris!
2. Alexander Wang Dress Fittings:
3. Purple Dragon Chelsea Members Club:
This is a fun place for a toddler to play that apparently sets you back A LOT of Euros to be a member of.
4. Private planes:
5. Punta Mita, Mexico:
6. Kidchella:
7. Vogue Photoshoot
8. In the studio with Kanye West:
9. Kim Kardashian's closet:
10. Kardashian family Christmas card:
11. This car:
12. Kris Jenner's dining room:

Happy travels, little Nori!
Check out this giant playground Kim and Kanye are building North in the video below.