Mark Wahlberg Is Now a Clothing Designer

Mark Wahlberg can do it all, including design clothes!
The actor and producer recently announced plans to create a limited edition collection of mens and womens T-shirts in collaboration with Indian motorcycle.
It’s the perfect laid-back partnership for the aspiring designer, who told Women’s Wear Daily he likes to keep it casual.
"If I have to put a suit on, I’ll put a suit on," Wahlberg told the magazine. "But I would rather wear a pair of Jordans or a pair of boots, jeans and a T-shirt. That drives my wife and my daughters crazy."
Wahlberg’s new role as designer is a big leap from his first foray into fashion, as an underwear model for Calvin Klein back in his Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch days.
"When I did the Calvin Klein thing, I was basically just a model for hire," Wahlberg said in Women’s Wear Daily. "They weren’t really interested in my input."
See a modern-day Mark comment on his early 1990s sex symbol status in an ET flashback in the video below.