Zack Morris Is Doing CrossFit Naked!

Getty Images
Mark-Paul Gosselaar appears to still be up to his old Saved By the Bell antics -- only this time he's in the best shape of his life.
The 41-year-old actor posted a pic of himself hanging upside down with his animator pal Ben Ceccarelli, and both buff men are wearing nothing but a censor strip. "Teaming up with @Piketoon for the @CACrossFit #pairpower competition. @CrossFit. Some would say we've already won," he tweeted.

They appropriately titled themselves, "Team Cocky."
Gosselear -- who portrayed Zack Morris on the beloved teen sitcom Saved By the Bell-- just can't get enough of CrossFit. On Wednesday, CrossFit Horsepower Dan Wells Instagrammed an image from a workout that included a shirtless Gosselaar.
Gosselaar tweeted a link to the pic, writing: "Spot the monkey."
Looks like A.C. Slater isn't the only muscular guy to come out of Bayside.