16 Times We Related to Dakota Johnson Too Well

Getty Images
Dakota Johnson is a famous movie star with equally famous movie star parents, a movie franchise all her own, impeccable taste in fashion and a front row seat at every major fashion show. She is also all of us. And we are all Dakota Johnson.
1. Like when you pretend you’re best friends with Beyoncé:
2. When you get The Hills theme song stuck in her head and just have to belt it.
3. When you tell your mom something OK and she’s all, “Well, I won’t if it’s going to embarrass you.” And you’re like “MOM. I ALREADY TOLD YOU. GOD MOM.”
4. And when you really want your mom to do something for you but she’s busy:
5. When you can’t remember someone’s name and fail at “Hey…..you”ing them.
6. When you get set up for the perfect joke and just can’t help yourself:
You gotta! It was too easy!
7. When you tell and inappropriate joke at the wrong time but you gotta admit it’s still funny…
8. When you’re going out and you’re on fleek and you know it:
9. When you’re pretty sure you’re nailing the whole hitting on someone thing:
10. And when you can’t help that you’re sexy and you know it:
11. When your mom is posing for a picture and you’re like, “OK, mom...”
12. When your parents don’t trust you but you totally know what you’re doing:
13. When you’re telling a joke and start laughing because you know the funny part is coming up:
14. When you’re being self-depricating but really know you’re smarter than everyone around you:
15. Literally anyone who’s ever watched even a single episode of Intervention:
16. And when someone keeps talking but you’re just ready to GTFO of there:
Now, watch a 10-year-old Dakota walk the Oscars red carpet in 2000: