Watch Sarah Michelle Gellar's Cinderella Face Off Against Belle in a Disney Princess Rap Battle!

by Alex Ungerman 5:41 PM PDT, March 11, 2015
Photo: YouTube

If you ever wanted to know what happens when Disney princesses rap battle each other, now you can!

Sarah Michelle Gellar and comedy actress Whitney Avalon exchange flows in a new video that pits Cinderella against Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

The princess' rhymes are a little more tongue-in-cheek and less 8 Mile, but they still manage to throw some royal digs in there.

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Cinderella was the first to throw shade.

Photo: YouTube

Then Belle fired back with some awesome feminist bars.

Photo: YouTube

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Then Cinderella played the Walt card.

Photo: YouTube

Last word: Belle.

Photo: YouTube

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I think we have to give it up to Belle here! Who do you think won? Watch the whole battle and decide for yourself:

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