These Parents Thought They Were Having a Girl - Watch Their Reaction When They Find Out It's a Boy

Kyle and Danielle Williams had an ultrasound performed last October and found out they were having another girl! They even picked a name for their second daughter: Charlee.
But when Danielle gave birth earlier this month, they got a bit of a surprise: “While in the OR, the nurse told [me] that I could look over the curtain while they pulled Charlee out,” Kyle recalls. “Finally I was able to see the head and what I saw next would change my life forever.”
“My expected daughter was in fact a BOY!!!!!” he continues. “I was speechless.”
Since their family also expected a new girl in the Williams family, they decided to film the reactions to the news. First up was grandma: “When [she] walked in we asked Nana to change the diaper,” Kyle says. Spoiler alert: Hers is also the best.
“Are you sh*ttin’ me?!” We love how she keeps checking his diaper to confirm.
They continued throughout the day, filming other friends and family members:
And though they could've still named him Charlie, they went with Bentley.
Watch more sweet reactions -- including their daughter, Peyton -- now:
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