Ashton Kutcher Is Punk'ing People Again

Everyone be on high alert! It appears Ashton Kutcher is back to his old "hidden camera" ways... sort of.
Alright, so full disclosure -- his new pranks are part of a spot for Lenovo Australia, but it's still nice to see Ashton back doing what we all remember him best for: "punkings" and disguises!
Ashton, or "Coodrey," as he calls himself, talks inappropriately to a couple.
He gives a nice lady a smooch.
And he arm wrestles a guy, apparently.
The one big issue with this -- there's no grand reveal!! The unsuspecting shoppers are informed after the fact when Ashton is gone.
Here's the whole thing:
You do you, Ashton.
Now, are Ashton and Mila married already or what? Watch the video below.