Madonna & Taylor Swift Perform 'Ghosttown' at the iHeartRadio Awards: Here Are the 8 Best Moments!

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It has finally happened!
After crowning Taylor Swift a princess of pop, and comparing the 1989 singer to herself in Rolling Stone, Madonna and Taylor took the stage together at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards!
The 56-year old icon and the 25-year-old soon-to-be icon, performed "Ghosttown" off Madonna's new album Rebel Heart, and it was a much more subdued performance than we are accustomed to from Madge -- probably because when you have Taylor and Madonna on stage at the same time, you really don't need anything else. At all. You're done.
It was a pretty life changing 4-ish minutes. Here are the eight best moments.
1. When we could only see the back of Taylor Swift's head but we knew what was up.
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You can't hide Taylor from us iHeartRadio, we know our Taylor!!
2. How they were sitting back to back in matching stockings like a couple of badasses.
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We don't usually make wild predictions, but this WILL be on sale as a nostalgia poster in 2033. Probably definitely.
3. When Taylor Swift's hair straight up lioned out.
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This may have only been for a split second, but it was fierce, and now it's immortalized.
4. When they stood up it was somehow more badass than when they were sitting.
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One performance has now given us TWO 2033 nostalgia posters!
5. Madonna had to fall to her knees.
Probably under the weight of how awesome this is.
6. When you realize there is no stopping them.
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This is now a moment that has occurred in the world and it's our responsibility to know it.
7. And is Madonna going in for another Madonna-Britney kiss moment??
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Generations will define themselves by which pop star they remember Madonna kissing at an awards show.
8. And then they just walked away like they knew.
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You're welcome, world.
Watch the whole performance here.
This is awesome. Let's get a tour going or something so this can happen again.
Watch Madonna compare Taylor Swift to herself below!