How Wilson Phillips Ended Up Singing Backup on Rihanna's 'FourFiveSeconds'

Kanye West must also be a fan of the hit '80s song "Hold On," because he insisted that he work with girl group Wilson Phillips.
Carnie Wilson, one-third of the trio, revealed to Billboard that it was the 37-year-old rapper's idea to have Wilson Phillips sing backup on his collaboration with Rihanna and Paul McCartney, "FourFiveSeconds." The music publication claims the group can be heard in the chorus and the bridge of the song. 
"[Kanye] said, 'When I think of authenticity and I think of angelic, I think of you,'" Carnie revealed. "He was really shy and he would just smile and he's real soft-spoken, then all of a sudden when he started playing all these songs, he was dancing around the room."
You wouldn't know Kanye was a controversial figure in music by Carnie's quotes. "He gave us sole freedom to just do what we do," she added.
Can you recognize Wilson Phillips' voices in the "FourFiveSeconds" song?