Ed Sheeran Lives in 'Two Different Worlds' With 'Sesame Street' Performance

When he's not busy singing at fan weddings or on his X tour, Ed Sheeran is inspiring children. 
The 24-year old went on Sesame Street and used his amazing voice to jam out with Elmo, Cookie Monster and more muppets about living in "two different worlds," one at home and one at school.
Reminding us all that school is not as fun as being at home, "At home I move wherever I like, I run around and ride my bike," he sings. "At school, we have a different way, we stand in line every day."
And yet he still manages to explain to kids everywhere that, "school has more rules, because learning takes focus" and that "special place" at school is a desk, "a learning space."
School never sounded so good.
Both worlds, Sheeran sings, are "awesome"!
We think Ed is awesome too. Check out the video below to see more of his world in his "Thinking Out Loud" music video.
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