This Man Uploads Miserable Photos of Himself On Vacation Because His Wife Couldn't Go

by Alex Ungerman 3:51 PM PDT, April 02, 2015
Photo: Reddit

Kevin Blandford is having a rough vacation, you guys.

The 33-year-old Reddit user won a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Puerto Rico, and according to ABC News, was one of about 200 out of 50,000 people at his company chosen. Unfortunately for Kevin, his wife and 7-month old baby were unable to join and stayed back in their Louisville, Ky. home. Actually that sounds like much more of a bummer for mama and baby, but Kevin was still upset, and started uploading pics of himself moping literally in paradise.

Photo: Reddit

The pics started blowing up because they are hilariously depressing.

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Photo: Reddit

It's hard to be Kevin.

Photo: Reddit

So alone.

Photo: Reddit

Here are all the photos.

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Cheer up, Kevin! Or at least next time send us in your place!

Make sure you're ready to have a better vacation than Kevin, watch the video below to make sure you show up on your spring break in style!