Deion Sanders Hilariously Embarrassed His Son on Twitter for Pretending He Was 'Hood'

Getty Images
Deion Sanders is a two-time Super Bowl champ, NFL Hall of Famer, World Series baseball player, football analyst, and reality star. He’s also a dad, and just pulled the most dad move ever on his son, the appropriately named Deion Sanders Jr.
Jr., who plays wide receiver for Southern Methodist University, tweeted:
And so Deion Sr. did what every social media savvy parent would do:
Daaaaaaaaad. You’re embarrassing me in front of my Twitter friends!
Deion Sr. doubled down on the school with a follow-up tweet/brag:
To quote Deion Sanders himself, “Lololol.” Jr. tried to salvage some of his cool points and eventually tweeted back, “lol I still love the hood's doughnuts.” But we all know.
In summary: He Cookie from Empire-d his son:
Except Cookie did it better. Because Cookie > everyone. Still funny though, D!
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