Cara Delevingne Reveals Her Favorite Kardashian Sister! Who Is It?

Have you ever wondered, "Who is Cara Delevingne's favorite Kardashian sister?" Well, the 22-year-old fashion model has luckily provided an answer.
"Who is your favorite Kardashian?" ET's Nischelle Turner asked Cara on the blue carpet at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday.
"Oh I can't do that," Cara said, until she suddenly realized that she totally could do that. "I mean, Kendall… but I love the whole family, I can't really pick one."
It only makes sense that Cara would choose her. After all, they call each other sisters and even walk the runways together.
Cara also stars in the highly-anticipated superhero epic Suicide Squad, which recently released a photo from the read-through featuring the model-turned-actress and almost the entire cast.
However, the young actress explained that she really couldn't go into detail due to the highly-guarded nature of the big-budget blockbuster.
"It's so secretive I can’t actually say or I'll get scolded," Cara explained. All we know now is, judging from the production photos getting posted on Instagram, the movie is going to have a pretty epic cast."
Check out the video below for more on Suicide Squad’s early cast photo.