Finally, the Return of Funny or Die’s ‘Gay of Thrones’ Recap Is Here!

by 7:50 AM PDT, April 14, 2015
Photo: Funny Or Die

The return of HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones, arrived with tons of hype -- and controversy. While the network is still reeling over the fact that the first four episodes leaked online, it didn’t stop fans from freaking out over the season five premiere this past Sunday.

But there’s no bigger fan than Jonathan Van Ness, the hairstylist behind Funny or Die’s hit recap series, Gay of Thrones. Each week, Ness breaks it down, serving Baby Kristen Stewart’s head on a platter to Tilda Swinton Ate a Pig.

NEWS: Your 'Game of Thrones' Season 5 Primer

In the season 5 premiere recap, former TRL host, Dave Holmes, joins Ness for some much-needed after show discussion about Tegan & Sara taking a stroll through the woods to see Fortune Teller Amy Winehouse.

Of course, spoilers abound (and some NSFW sass). Watch below: 

If you’re not caught up on Gay of Thrones’ previous seasons, binge-watch them here.