Blake Lively Calls Out Bizarre Boob Rumor with Silly Pic

Getty Images
Blake Lively posted a pic almost as ridiculous as the gossip going around about her nipples.
At a recent event for The Age of Adaline, the actress joked with reporters about how she's turning baby James into a foodie already. "I rub truffles on my nipples every day,” she said. "You got to give her a very well-balanced palate from a young age so she doesn't eat only beige food!"
Mrs. Ryan Reynolds then had to take to Instagram to remind everyone she was only kidding.
On Wednesday, the new mom shared a pic of her rubbing her sister Robyn's face with a carrot. Meanwhile, Robyn is seen sticking a celery stick up her sibling's nose. "I can't understand why people don't take me seriously as a chef," Lively mused.

From there, she posted some of the best hashtags ever, including: "#PleaseDontShowLeCordonBleu."
To put the boob rumors to rest, she added: "#WhoPutsTrufflesOnTheirNipplesDearGodCantReportersTakeAJoke."
Noting the length of the hashtag, Lively quipped: "#ThatWasTheLongestHashtagEver"
After all this, we still think the 27-year-old actress had the best truffle joke of the year!