Ryan Reynolds Posts Adorable Throwback Pic

If Ryan Reynolds' and Blake Lively's pics are any indication, baby James is going to be the cutest thing ever.
Ryan Reynolds posted a photo to Twitter for #ThrowbackThursday of himself as an adorable youngster. A young Reynolds is holding up a trout and sporting an open barn door -- some kind of confusion about "fly fishing."
"As I soon understood, fly fishing had nothing to do with pulling a trout out of your pants to surprise your brothers," Reynolds tweeted.
A few weeks ago, wife Blake Lively posted a photo of herself and her siblings as kids.
"Chillin' with my homies," she wrote.
Reynolds and Lively welcomed their first child, a girl, in December 2014. A couple months later, they announced her fashionably gender-neutral name: James.
The couple got married in 2012. Lively said she wants to "spit out a litter" of her Green Lantern co-star's babies -- and based on his toddler photos, we don't blame her!
Though Green Lantern was a flop, Reynolds is getting another chance at superhero-dom: He's starring as the titular character in the upcoming Deadpool flick. He recently tweeted some fan art that captured the character's essence:
Watch how the happy couple announced their baby's name: