The Tiniest Dog Ever Is Lighter Than a Pound of Sugar and Infinitely Cute

So teeny-tiny!!
Meet Disney -- a three-month-old, fun-size chihuahua who is probably the cutest puppy dog and/or case of copyright infringement that has ever happened.
Disney was born in a litter of three on Jan. 25, but hasn't grown since she was eight weeks old. She's lighter than a pound of sugar, and fits into the palm of your hand.
Her owner, 26-year-old Natalie Vanes, has to keep her separate from the other dogs in her West Midlands England home, so that the little pup doesn't get mistaken for a toy. Because of this, Disney has fostered a friendship with a kitten named Kiera.
"They never fight, they never moan," says Natalie's also adorable daughter.
Here's the video.
How can something that takes up less space than a tiny flower pot take up all the space in our heart??
Now, let's give it up for the winner of the Westminster Dog Show, Miss P the beagle!