McDonald's Gives the Hamburglar a 'Sexy' Reboot -- See the Creepy Pics

First, there was the fashion line. Then the all-day breakfast. Maybe even kale, and now McDonald's is back with another bold step of McMarketing -- they're bringing back the Hamburglar, and they've updated his look.
This is Hamburglar 2015.
For some reason he has a family and is cooking burgers not at McDonald's.
The relaunch is in support of McDonald's new Sirloin Third Pound Burger. We are at a total loss for how to feel about it.
Definitely uncomfortable.
He kinda creates an entirely new problem for us.
And reintroduces questions that should have been raised decades ago.
Alright, if you need us, we'll be stress-eating some hamburgers while we decide how to feel about this.
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